Family Haven Foundation

Our Mission:

To provide financial support to the caregivers of children with unfit or deceased parents due to addiction.


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Location does not prevent us from giving a helping hand where it is due.

100% of proceeds are donated back to our cause.




Lending a Hand

Family Haven foundation was started by four friends who have been affected by our nations’ opioid crisis in one way or another.

Two friends having a step-son and nephew addicted to heroin. Unfortunately, his girlfriend was too. They ended up having a child. This child is being raised by her grandparents.

One friend having a daughter addicted to heroin. The daughter gave birth to a daughter. This granddaughter is now being raised by her grandmother – our friend.

One friend simply being our rock to listen to our trials and tribulations of being amid this horrible crisis.

How many times have you heard the same stories as above? We have grandparents depleting their life savings and watching their dreams of retirement die due to the cost of raising their grandchildren.  We want to reach out to those who need our help financially. We are focusing on daycare, education and healthcare grants for those eligible.



Million grandparents

Raising grandchildren, and about one-fifth of those have incomes that fall below the poverty line , according to census figures.



percent of kids

Being raised by grandparents due to the parents substance abuse.



grandparents pay

For their grandchildrens’ medical expense and/or dental expenses.